Fall 2018: September 10 - 16
Summer 2018: June 4 - 10

Explore taste, smell, touch, sight, and sound | Step outside of time in a Tuscan castle | Discover organic/biodynamic/natural wine and olive oil through guided tastings and local experiences | Eat organic meals, including fresh fruits and vegetables from the castle garden and locally-sourced meats and grains | Enjoy meals at two “farm to table” restaurants | Visit a modern sculpture garden 

DIVE INTO ARTISAN ACTIVITIES at the heart of Italian culture

Cook with a Michelin-starred chef  |  Taste wine  with inspiring women winegrowers  |  Learn how to taste olive oil |  Bake bread in a wood-fired oven | Discover the secrets of making ricotta and pecorino cheese  |  June: Pick cherries and create delights in the castle kitchen  |  September: Pick grapes and press them with your feet in an Etruscan wine basin.


Give yourself permission to enjoy | Let go | Breathe | Laugh | Stretch and center yourself with daily Yoga | Rejuvenate with a Massage | Relax in guided meditation and Yoga Nidra | Walk or jog on local trails | Swim in the pool or under the waterfall at the river | Experience natural beauty |


Watch what happens when you let go of all that you “should” be doing | Put “productivity”  and "responsibility" on hold | Set your imagination free | Tap into curiosity and courage | Experience wonder in the midst of natural beauty | Find your “inner Italian” | Experiment with the softness of your feminine side | Be at ease in your authenticity 


Eleanor Shannon 

Founder of Uncorked in Italy

Eleanor originally came to Italy in 2004 to teach in an academic honors program for Italian university students. She experienced her own "uncorking" through a series of adventures: training to become a certified wine sommelier, meeting organic and biodynamic winegrowers, tasting their wines, writing about her experience, taking courses in yoga, dance and meditation, and launching Uncorked In Italy. She now lives in Tuscany and can't wait to meet you at the Goddess Uncorked! 

Charlotte Horton

Owner of Castello di Potentino

When Charlotte Horton's family first bought Castello di Potentino , it was a remote ruin. With a remarkable vision for what the castle could be, Charlotte set out to restore the building, plant the vineyards, reclaim the olive groves and transform the castle into a working farm. Potentino now makes award winning organic wine and olive oil, hosts guests, holds events and workshops, invites musicians and artists to work "in residence" and more. It is a modern creative center deeply rooted in Tuscan history and culture. 

Roberto Rossi

Owner and Chef of Il Silene

Roberto grew up working at Il Silene when it was still a humble trattoria serving traditional fare for locals in a forgotten corner of Italy. With fierce confidence in the undiscovered goodness around him, he set out to transform it into a destination, world class restaurant. His secret recipe is simple but not easy: an unwavering commitment to his roots and to the highest quality, organic, local ingredients . Luckily, he never forgets to have fun along the way.

Gabrielle Long

Yoga, Massage, Polarity Therapy

Gabrielle Long is a certified Yoga instructor and licensed Massage and Polarity Therapist. Trained in Massachusetts, she has lived and worked in Italy since 2006. She inspires students of all levels to bring balance, awareness, compassion and joy into their practices and into their lives. She gives a relaxing therapeutic massage that works into fascia and muscle tissue. The polarity work she does is a form of energy work involving releasing trigger points and aligning chakras.

Monte Amiata

Castello di Potentino is set on the slopes of Monte Amiata. 

The ancient Etruscans believed that their gods and goddesses lived on the now extinct volcano. 


We'd love to answer your questions and get to know you.


Select your preferred dates and fill out an interest form--no commitment required. After she gets your interest form, Eleanor will set up a short, introductory phone call with you to answer your questions, explain how to make your reservation and review logistics. 

Fall 2018: September 10 - 16
Summer 2018: June 4 - 10
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